Silver Lining Graphics client logo design example for Focus Nature

Logo design case study

Client: Focus Nature

The Brief:

logo design for new business start up

Design a logo for a new venture offering wild and exotic nature tours worldwide.
Logo required in two diffeent formats: a roundel (circular) and a linear - each to have consistent look and style. Each to feature a stylised graphic of an exotic animal/bird species. Logo to look distinctive, modern and 'clean' and to communicate something of the company's offering 'at a glance'.

In addition the logo was designed to work in single colour and reversed options.
A full suite of logos supplied in varuious file formats for third party and in-house use including .EPS, JPEG, PNG

Copyright of logo assigned to client on project completion.

Once the project is completed fully then copyright ownership of the final logo is conferred to the client. Silver Lining Graphics will retain the source files used to create it but will supply you with a whole suite of filetypes suitable for your business needs. Copyright on any other rejected drafts and concepts remains with Silver Lining GRaphics at all times.

With our bespoke service you get far more than just a fancy drawing! After discussing where you see your business fitting into the marketplace and what image you want it to project to your target audience, SLG will create 3 concepts. One of thse concepts will go forward for development and refinement to the finished item. You will then be supplied with EPS, JPEG and PNG versions of the logo also in various colour versions - for example black only or white/reversed as well as the main full colour version. You will also recieve a short PDF brand guideline booklet detailing logo specifications (typefaces, colour values etc) and guidance on how the logos should and should not be used to maintain consistency in your brand.


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